Sunday, December 8, 2013

Part VIII - Creation

Most of my creative thought follows an outlet into my music.  I spend hours of the day obsessing over rhythms, bass lines, lyrical choices, song structures, album concepts, etc.  I've done a fair amount of creating this year, but nothing that I could really share or would even want to share.  That's a part of my life that currently exists between synapses and that I'm doing my best to keep out of this blog.  I want to explore other parts of my character.  

What I'm going to share, instead, is something rather simple, rather mundane; a meme I created a few weeks ago.  I didn't put much thought into it.  I didn't put much time into it.  I'm not even proud of it as far as artistic integrity is concerned.  Nevertheless, I consider it an achievement, one I'm willing to talk about here.  For me, this meme exemplifies a method of creation I have difficulty executing on a regular basis.

Normally, my creative process looks something like this:

Idea -> Write Down Idea -> Mull Over Idea for a Few Days/Weeks -> Draft Idea -> Redraft Idea -> Revert Back to Original Draft -> Redraft Idea -> Refine Draft -> Refine Draft -> Mull Over Draft -> Refine Draft -> Finished Product???

It's a frustrating process, though one that ultimately works.  What seems to hold me back are my lack of will to act immediately and my inability to make final decisions quickly.

That method for my meme, however, looked something like this:

Idea -> Immediate Execution -> Finished Product

I had an idea to make a meme.  I had some time to make it.  I took advantage of the time I had.  I finished the meme.  It's not the sort of work I wish to pump out on a regular basis, but the process is one I hope to emulate with my future creative endeavors.

So, without further ado...

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