Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pt. IX - Surprise!

To say I was completely surprised by something this year would contradict my "Decisions, Decisions" entry in a way.  Surprise occurs when something happens that one does not expect, so by that definition, I was either always surprised because I was always encountered with something I did not expect or I was never surprised because there simply was no expectation.  Not that I'm free of contradictions or that I never expected anything, but you get my point...

Today (or yesterday, sigh...) was a busy day, so I don't have time for a story.  But I do have time to admit that I was surprised by America this year.  Between February and April, I traveled from coast to coast in the manner of the pioneers (meaning east to west, not in a buggy; no one died of cholera), and that allowed me to observe the sheer size of this country as well as how diverse its terrain is.  I would say I was surprised by both.  Maps don't really seem to do our country justice when it comes to physical geography.  It is vast, and it is varied.  I consider myself lucky to have witnessed such greatness firsthand.

I'm sure the details of my travels will come out in other posts this month, so I will leave this post as is.  If it's any consolation, I spent all my available time today writing; editing both my parents' Christmas card and my girlfriend's grad school application essay.  It's been a long day.

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Today's post was: "What completely surprised you this year?" 


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