Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pt. VII - Inspiration

Yesterday was the Men's World Cup 2014 draw.  The thirty-two teams that made it into the tournament were divided into eight groups of four and must finish in the top half of their group in order to make it into the single elimination round of sixteen that eventually leads to the final.  Needless to say, a lot rests on the draw.  Here's what happened yesterday (if you're having trouble seeing the photo go here):

As a massive soccer fan, loyal to two teams who probably won't go home happy (USA and The Netherlands), I've decided to use today's prompt to dream.  Here is what I want my World Cup bracket to look like (with 100% accuracy!) from the round of sixteen through the final:

In case you can't read my colorful, hand-written bracket, I have the USA beating Brazil in Brazil and taking the puzzlingly small World Cup trophy home with some pretty fantastic match ups happening along the way.  Similarly pleasing results would include the USA beating England in the final and The Netherlands beating Germany in the final.  I know my Dutch grandparents in particular would feel a small bit of reparation should The Netherlands take down Germany on the world's biggest stage.

I'll end this post by encouraging you to watch World Cup next summer.  Pundits claim it's the strongest grouping of teams in years and many of the world's top players will be competing.  Additionally, the USA team, despite being placed in the most difficult group, is arguably the best USA team of all time.  Though they aren't favorites to win it, anything could happen come June...

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