Sunday, January 3, 2016

16.2 - 2015 Monthly Highlight/Lowlight Reel

Prompt: "Your 2015, reviewed.  Give us the 30,000 foot view.  Or, hone in on a few highlights.  Let's bring last year to life before moving on to what's ahead."


A month by month review of my 2015 courtesy of Facebook, iPhoto, and my memory.

Highlight:  I met Danny and Randall via Craigslist and reformed my band, Alar Wave.
Lowlight:  My grandfather passed away.

Highlight:  I started getting into peak karaoke form.
Lowlight:  Karaoke was the month's highlight.

Highlight:  I bought a new bass AND played the first show with a reformed Alar Wave.
Lowlight:  "Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act"

Highlight:  I performed at Boxcar Books' "Rock'n'Roll Prom."
Lowlight:  I left my car window open during a rainstorm.

Highlight:  I partook in Taylor and Alayna's wedding (and Taylor's bachelor party).
Lowlight:  Liverpool finished 6th in the Premier League.

Highlight:  The Friday when the US Women's soccer team won their world cup game and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage.
Lowlight:  Work probs.

Highlight:  My trip to Nashville with Lily which included going to the US Men's soccer team match versus Guatemala (they won!) and watching the US Women's soccer team win the World Cup.
Lowlight:  Turing 26 felt weird.

Highlight:  The weekend when I visited St. Louis with friends and the new Premier League season began.
Lowlight:  Watching the first Republican Party debate.

Highlight:  Lily moved back to Bloomington.
Lowlight:  I forgot to bring my suit when traveling home for a wedding.

Highlight:  I played 4 shows in two weeks with Alar Wave.
Lowlight:  I lost my voice for a few days after a sloppy but energetic set as Pixies. 

Highlight:  Visiting St. Louis twice in one month to watch Lily run her first half-marathon and the US Men's soccer team match versus St. Vincent and the Grenadines (they won!).
Lowlight:  Learning of the attacks on Paris while at the US Men's soccer team match.

Highlight:  I visited Oklahoma to watch my sister graduate from college and see the life she's built for herself there.
Lowlight:  I had the flu on Christmas.


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