Thursday, January 7, 2016

16.7 - Motion

Prompt:  "We're all writing the story of our lives as we go.  How can you make your story interesting in 2016?  And if you can't see around the bend, it's okay to dream.  Let's make 2016 one of riveting parts of our tale, shall we?"


As obvious as it sounds, I've found that intrigue comes about through motion, by doing.  There is, of course, value in the solitude of introspection and the personal consumption of art, but my most interesting and meaningful experiences have more often than not come about in the company of others or in a moment of action; saying yes to an invite when I could have said no, making conversation when I could have stayed quiet, going out when I could have stayed at home, hitting record and playing when I could have sat and kept thinking, spending money when I could have saved it, staying awake when I could have slept.

It's tough to choose motion, though.  In the moment, I almost always want to remain steady, to choose the path of least resistance.  Is this desire to stay at rest some sort of primal reminder to conserve energy?  Either way, I know I possess the means to move be it natural (will power) or artificial (caffein, etc.), and I know there is deeper desire within me to seek what is new, different, interesting.

So cheers to a new year!  May it be one of constant discovery.

On a somewhat related note, I had an epiphany last year that January is terrible time of year to make resolutions, especially if you live in the midwest.  It's the coldest, bleakest, most outwardly dismal time of year, and yet, we decide that it is the time to put new goals into action.  Would we be more successful if we made this attempt in the spring?  I believe that we should instead use the winter time to lay our old projects to rest (hopefully at completion), and then start anew in tandem with nature.   It would, at the very least, be more poetic.  And I'm all about that.


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