Friday, January 8, 2016

16.8 - New Circle, Old Template

Prompt:  "What new circles have you formed?  Any new ones?  Did you start a book club or hang out in a tea yurt?  Maybe you re-upped with existing friends.  Explore your kumbaya moment of 2015."


Last year, I formed a new circle with an old template.

Craigslist is not always the sad, cynicism-inducing shit-hole it often appears to be.  In addition to its utility, it can lead you to good people who, like you, are searching for something.  I posted on the site last January in search of bandmates, and found two guys who were not only genuinely good people but also talented guitarists with similar tastes in music.  What are the odds?  You should take a look and then tell me what you think.  This was my third or fourth attempt at finding people to play music with via the internet.  My conclusion: I'm pretty damn lucky.

We aquatinted ourselves by playing songs for a project I had started with friends four years ago back in Chicago and decided to continue on that path.  Thus, Alar Wave was reborn, and I couldn't be happier about it.  We have since found a drummer, added six songs to the band catalogue, and are currently working on a full length album (I have a blog for that as well that one can follow here).  It's not a literal kumbaya moment, but it's pretty close.


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