Sunday, January 3, 2016

16.3 - High five!

Prompt:  "No screens, no technology - what did you do with you hands this year."


Before I begin answering the prompt, let's argue about semantics for a minute.  Other than scratch myself, I did very little with "no technology" this year.  At some point in time, hammers, axes, spoons, forks, guitars, drumsticks, bicycles, etc. were all considered "technology."  I understand, however, that the prompt is most likely referring to electronic technology, and I will, therefore, answer it under that assumption.

I played drums in a Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover band,

I played guitar while my friend Alayna walked down the aisle at her wedding,

I made a strap out of a shoelace to carry my umbrella while walking/biking in Nashville,

I helped make a bunch of confetti for an end of camp rave,

I made this bag mask thing for Lily,

I crafted this mustache to distract from my makeshift suit,

and I helped make a bench out of a fallen tree.


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